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Course Descriptions: ELD, English 1-4

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Course Descriptions: ELD, English 1-4

English Language Arts (Ms. Vergara)
English Language Arts is a six-week course designed to help students improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English according to the California ELD Standards. Students participate in skills-based activities centered around various high-interest topics. The thematic, integrated curriculum provides students with a balanced approach to learning English through authentic literature, informational texts, vocabulary development, and writing paragraphs and essays. The goal is that by improving their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, students will be better prepared for the workplace and for college. 
English III & IV (Ms. Klempnauer)
In Ms. Klempnauer’s English courses, students work to become critical thinkers, strong readers, and skilled communicators who can adapt their writing and speech to different audiences and purposes. Curricular units cover a variety of high-interest topics ranging from politics to nutrition to the brain, with a focus on informational reading and writing across disciplines like history, science and psychology. Students develop digital and traditional literacy in a blended learning environment designed to prepare them for various post-secondary paths.
English III (Ms. Tran)
In English III, we analyze a multitude of topics. As a class, we tackle narrative writing, dystopian literature, and current events. To explore these topics, we learn and refine skills that will help one navigate through life beyond high school. These skills include identifying themes, figurative language, robust vocabulary, and more. Additionally, our class focuses on developing writing by constructing a strong thesis, topic sentences, analysis, and interpretation. Therefore, critical thinking is an important element needed to engage with writing and reading. This element is one of the pillars for English III. Students learn to observe, think, and question the literature and the world around them. Community is the other pillar within English III. Each student has valuable knowledge. English III welcomes students' interpretations as important insight. This appreciation creates a community within the classroom. Overall, English III strives to prepare young adults for life after high school by providing the necessary skills one will need upon graduation.