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Industrial Arts (CTE)

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Course Description: Industrial Arts (CTE)

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Course Description: Industrial Arts (CTE)

The courses in Industrial arts are developed to immerse the students in the following frameworks; constructionism, design thinking, and the construction trades. Through interactive exercises, hands-on building, and design modules, students are engaged with projects that can be done at home or on campus using simple materials. This class combines practical application and methods that help students learn the roles on the job site, basics of engineering, and the fundamentals of design thinking philosophy.
Historic/Cultural- Look into the history of built structures in the United States and in the student’s home counties. Unifying question- How has building construction changed throughout history and what are the different cultural interpretations of houses and shelter.  
Environment and Sustainability- To understand the built environment there must be consideration of the natural environment. For example: Latitude and climate- Evaluating climate for structures. Unifying question- What are the necessities for buildings in different locations? 
Interactive Projects- Students will design and build models, including: model houses, geodesic domes, and many others. The culmination of these will be a 1:12 scale framed wall that can be used to complete a full-scale model framed house.
There are four main foundations of this course 
  • Tool Safety and Use
  • Teamwork/Leadership
  • Wood Characteristics
Applied math and Measurement