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REAL and Culinary Arts Program (CTE)

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Room: 14/16 
Course Descriptions: REAL and Culinary Arts Programs

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Course Descriptions: REAL and Culinary Arts Programs

  • Redwood High School’s Culinary Arts Program
-Master numerous knife skills by adding vegetables, herbs, and protein to meals
-Explore the connection between ingredients, nutrition, and human & environmental health by exploring a Farm to Table food system
-Earn your Food Handlers certificate by demonstrating how to ensure food safety in the kitchen
-Design dishes for multiple course meals and prepare meals for large groups as a part of our seasonal banquets.
  • The REAL Program
The Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership [REAL] is a small "school-within-a-school" where students develop close relationships with their classmates, explore the environment through hands-on field trips, investigate and design solutions to real-world issues, and cook in our Culinary Arts room.
In this interdisciplinary academy, students make connections between themes in different subject areas, while earning credits in:
-Environmental Science
-Social Studies [American Government/US History]
-Career Technical Education [CTE: Foods & Nutrition/Culinary Arts].
**Students in REAL are also enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program**
In pursuit of a better understanding of humanity’s relationship with our natural environment, we travel to different outdoor education centers including:
Hidden Villa: investigate the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of a working plant and animal farm.
Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve: analyze the impact of changing seasons and climate on native plant and animal communities.
Stanford Farm & The HEAL Project School Farm: create a “Farm to Table” food system by planting, harvesting, cooking, and eating J
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve: examine billions of years of plant and animal adaptation by exploring unique tide pool ecosystems.
Cooley Landing: evaluate the impact of current and future Sea Level Rise on our Bay Area community, and be a part of the solution through habitat restoration.
Sims Metal Recycling & Recology: witness how “waste” can be turned into new products, and analyze the benefits to the Earth for future generations.
Oracle Park & Ferry Building Farmers’ Market: explore the foodservice program at the San Francisco Giants’ stadium, and purchase local ingredients at the CUESA Farmers Market to use in a dish prepared back at school.
Lucky’s supermarket: design a meal of your choice by purchasing ingredients that meet nutritional guidelines, and then preparing that meal in our classroom kitchen.
Climate Action Projects: participate in the youth-led movement to create a “resilient community” by taking direct action at demonstrations in the Bay Area.
REAL: Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership

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