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Science: Biology and Environmental Science

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Course Descriptions: Biology and Environmental Science

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Course Descriptions: Biology and Environmental Science

The major emphasis in this class will be on the relationships of organisms and the basis of life on earth.   Students will have a chance to participate in a variety of laboratory experiences.
The integration of the learning activities in this class (laboratories, lecture/discussion, quiz/test, homework, special projects) is designed to improve the student's thinking skills.  When new information is taken in, it is important that it be processed and interpreted in terms of what is already known.
 Biology with its new language can sometimes be difficult, but never impossible,
I encourage students to see me as soon as you have questions or feel that you might be falling behind in your work.  We are all working toward the same goal - student success in scientific literacy!
Text:        Biology  (PrenticeHall)                                                                                                                                                                       
  • The course will consist primarily of discussion, some lecture, laboratory investigations, group work and study assignments and projects. In addition, there will be smartboard presentations, videos, powerpoints, guest speakers, and demonstrations.
  • While attending class attentiveness and focus on the task is essential. Students must be prepared to participate in activities and work with other students in tasks and labs prepared and assigned by the teacher. The classes require intensive preparation and planning by the teacher and the student will gain maximum benefit through concentrated effort.
  • During lab activities, students will be learning to work with equipment and chemicals that could be hazardous if used incorrectly. Hats, sweatshirt hoods, and other head coverings may not be worn in the classroom. It’s important that you approach your work seriously. Use equipment only as it is intended. At the end of a lab or activity, you are responsible for cleaning up equipment, materials, and work area so that the room will be ready for the next group of students.
Environmental Science
Environmental Science is a dynamic program focusing on the interactions between human world and the natural world. We discuss concepts such as energy transfer, the tragedy of the commons, climate change, ecological policies, and the complexities of environmental decision making.