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The Garden Weekly

The Garden Weekly Pics!

The_Garden_Weekly_Pics! iconThe Garden Weekly Pics!title

We have purple snap peas growing in the garden, and they’re delicious!

Purple snap peas grow from purple flowers on the plants.

With the cold weather, many plants in the garden need a cloth over them so they don’t freeze at night!

Bugs don’t like marigolds, so they’re great to grow near other plants to reduce the number of pests in the garden.

In September, volunteers planted snap peas in the garden, and they’re now starting to produce delicious peas!

Fall Garden Photo: As it gets colder, the garden begins to look differently and the trees around the garden start to change color!

Beautiful species of butterflies and moths come to the garden to pollinate and rest on the flowers, such as this Gray Buckeye on the orange marigolds.

Kale has been growing at Redwood for a few weeks, and the plants are happy to get some rain recently!

Heavy rains this week have brought tons of water to the riparian corridor on campus! This protected creek space is a unique habitat for local wildlife, right on Redwood’s campus.

RHS Chickens!

RHS_Chickens! iconRHS Chickens!title

The Garden Building Project

The_Garden_Building_Project iconThe Garden Building Projecttitle

Students teaching students how to use the Miter Saw

Students used a two man auger to dif the footing piers

We started in class discussing what needs to be done to finish the footings.

We continued to square the holes at 18” (use a 18” feeler stick to gauge width)

Students use the laser to check the height of the batter boards